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I'm Rand Owens, Founder/CEO of Influencer Media, previously cofounder of getcompass.co and former VP marketing @ Happyco (Happy Inspector). I've helped multiple VC backed companies grow their user bases and reach revenue in the millions. I write detailed articles on growth, CRO, SEO, and user acquisition that have been featured in multiple online publications. To help others build growth machines and stay ahead of growth marketing trends, I test new marketing strategies and produce guides around my findings.

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KeepTruckin builds ELD’s and fleet management software for the mobile age.

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Rand is, in my opinion, one of the top talents in the digital industry and I found it refreshing to work with someone who could contribute in a strategic and tactical capacity. He drew up a marketing strategy for us to test new campaigns and optimize our existing channels - I've been blown away with the results. In less than 3 months we had more than a 300% uplift in traffic and a long-lasting stream of revenue generating traffic.

Obaid Khan

Founder, KeepTruckin

In our early days as a startup, Rand helped to optimize existing marketing channels and identify new growth channels. He managed to achieve this on our limited budget and we were very happy with his output.

Jindou Lee

Founder, Happyco

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